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Video Backgrounds & Background Video Looping Boost Websites


There's not a website on the planet that doesn't come with some type of background. And as many opt. for different alternatives in online advertising. One proven media platform is video, since video showed up more than 10 yrs ago this medium continues to grow and find new paths in advertising. The two newest video marketing mediums are the use of whiteboard animation and video backgrounds. Why? because video continues to grab peoples attention faster than eBooks, blogs, articles, banner ads the list goes on. With Video backgrounds the effect is produced right on the landing page in full motion. Almost like the actual commercials or demonstrations we see on TV.

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Your Website Costs... There's no need to sell the farm.


We have been developing and designing websites for the last 3yrs. Strictly growing or gaining more business via a referral based system only. Reason why? We develop websites that cut our clients cost by 50% and in many cases 80% from what they currently pay. Hence are name WeUpgrade-Websites, because that's what we mainly do. Upgrade those that already have a website presence and have a understanding of the importance of using online marketing. 8 times out of 10 they paid way to much for their site design costs, got a crappy site and are caught up in monthly contracts for seo and maintenance. By simply using Wordpress and other factors we implement, cost are cut way-way down.

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What's the 'Big Deal' with using Wordpress for Websites


Hey Guy's I'm back again to explain and answer why WordPress is the ultimate choice for local business and entrepreneurs. First and foremost WordPress is free to use and as a result your initial cost can be a low a $25.oo to have a Very professional website if you know what to look for... we do. Let's face it to register a domain is ruffly $8-$10 and to setup hosting can be as low as $3.95 monthly... View Our Package! Wordpress provides everything else website templates in the 1000's free, and in too different designs to mention. One of the most unique tools called 'WordPress Plugins' are what sets WordPress apart from it's competitors. Call us you won't be sorry...

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Once I submitted my current domain, I receivd a demo of what my website will look like. I just needed something practical. I was sure they were going to charge me at least 750 for what I received. When I received the quote I was truly surprised & delighted with the over the top service! I've since sent two attorney referrals. Roy Fleischer/ http://royjfleischerlaw.com/

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